San Antonio TX
Our home in the Dominion was damaged by the hail storm in Spring 2019. For some reason, our insurance company was not noticing much damage. We were getting nowhere with our insurance company so once we learned how difficult it was to reason with our insurance company, we felt we had no choice but to seek help from a professional. With the help of the lawyers at Flores & Pelaez-Prada, we were finally able to get the attention of our insurance company. Mr. Flores brought in a team of experts, including damage consultants and engineers to document the damages. He paid for all this out of pocket and told us if he couldn’t recover anything for us then he wouldn’t collect a fee from us or ask for expenses to be reimbursed. There was no risk for us to hire him. He understood what insurance companies needed to see in order to provide coverage on homeowners’ insurance claims. Not only did he recover a significant amount of money for us on a challenging claim, but in our situation, he was able to do it all without even filing a lawsuit. We would recommend Flores & Pelaez-Prada to any property owner who is having trouble getting their property damage resolved or to anyone who did not receive enough money to make repairs to their property after it was damaged by a storm. Mr. Flores was attentive to our needs and did what he said he would do and we are very satisfied with his service.