San Antonio, TX
Marco really came through for us on two of our commercial properties that were damaged by hail after the insurance companies denied and underpaid these two property claims. He was able to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars for us on both claims. The insurance companies told us there was not hail damage on one of my properties and I felt that was a little strange as it looked like the HVAC systems were damaged by hail. Marco came in with his experts and proved the damages to our HVAC systems were covered and recovered a large amount of money for us. This allowed us to replace a significant number of HVAC units. Without Marco's help, we would have had to take money from our operating budget to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace the storm damaged HVAC systems and roofs on our properties. I would recommend Marco's firm to any residential or commercial property owner who feels like they are not getting the money they need to repair their properties after hail or wind storms damage the properties.