When filing a claim for property damage to your home, office, or other commercial property, make sure you have these types of receipts available for your insurance company:

  • Purchase receipts: These are receipts that show proof of purchase for items covered by your insurance policy, such as furniture, electronics, appliances, and jewelry. They should include the date of purchase, the item description, and the price. Credit card statements may work.  
  • Repair receipts: These are receipts that show proof of repairs made to your property, such as fixing a leaky roof or repairing water damage. They should include the date of the repair, the nature of the repair, and the cost.
  • Appraisal receipts: This is important when contents are lost or damaged. When you claim damages to high value items the insurance company may want to see some sort of appraised value documentation. These are receipts that show proof of the value of certain items, such as antiques, collectibles, or artwork. It would be helpful to have the date of purchase, the item description, and the appraised value.  

Depending on your policy, not all of the expenses may be covered in your claim, but it will help you understand the value of your claim and let you know if you’re being underpaid for it. It also gives the insurance company one less reason to reject your claim.  

If you need help disputing your underpaid or denied claim, contact a Storm Damage Lawyer. The attorney will not only go over the damage assessment to your property, but ensure you’re fairly compensated for the damages.

The best part about working with an attorney is that your insurance company may end up covering the attorney fees! This means you won’t have to pay the attorney out of pocket and you still have the potential to recover the money owed to you for your claim.

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