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Flores & Pelaez-Prada helps business owners with insurance claims because we know how hard it can be to get the money you need when your property is damaged. 

Insurance is meant to protect businesses, but it can be confusing and frustrating to file a claim and get a fair payout. Let’s talk about some simple steps you can take to protect your business property and improve your insurance claim.

Understand Your Insurance Policy

Before anything happens, it’s important to know your insurance policy well. Read through it carefully and make sure you understand what it covers, what it doesn’t cover, and how much you’ll have to pay out of pocket. Every policy is different, so knowing the details will help you when you need to make a claim.

Keep Good Records

When it comes to making an insurance claim, having good records is essential. Keep track of important information about your property, like pictures, videos, receipts, and appraisals. If you’ve made any improvements or changes to your property, make sure you have records of those too. These records will show the extent of the damage and help support your claim.

Report Damage Right Away

If something happens to your property, don’t wait to tell your insurance company. They have rules about how quickly you need to report damage in order to be eligible for coverage. Follow their instructions for reporting the damage and give them as much information as you can. Reporting it quickly will make the claim process go faster and give them the information they need.

Get Help from Our Lawyers

Dealing with insurance claims can be overwhelming, especially for a business property. Hiring a lawyer from Flores & Pelaez-Prada guarantees that your property damage claim is getting the respect and attention it needs with your insurance company. We explain your rights as a policyholder, negotiate with the insurance company for you, and make sure you get the most money possible based on your policy.

Stop Further Damage

If your property is damaged, it’s important to stop any further damage from happening. Take action right away to protect your property, like securing it or getting temporary repairs done. Keeping records and receipts of these actions will show that you took responsibility and tried to prevent more damage. This will help your claim.

Keep Records and Stay in Touch

Throughout the claims process, keep good communication with your insurance company. Keep a record of all the emails, letters, and phone calls you have with them. Write down what they say and any decisions that are made. Having these records will keep you organized and give you proof of what the insurance company is supposed to do.

Making an insurance claim for business property damage can be a complicated process, but with some simple steps, you can improve your chances of getting the money you deserve. 

If you’re currently dealing with a delayed, underpaid, or flat out denied insurance claim, give us a call NOW. Time is of the essence to ensure you receive the money you need and deserve for repairs.

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