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Accidents happen, and sometimes they cause damage to property.

This damage can be expensive to fix. Insurance coverage is supposed to help in these situations, but dealing with insurance companies can be hard. They often try to pay as little as possible.

That’s where Flores & Pelaez-Prada comes in. Our lawyers help people with property damage claims because we know how complicated the process can be.

What is Property Damage Liability?

Property damage liability means that someone is legally responsible for damage to someone else’s property. It can happen in different situations:

  • Premises Liability: If you own property and someone gets hurt or their things get damaged because of something unsafe on your property, you might have to pay for the damage.
  • Natural Disasters: When natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, or earthquakes happen, property damage liability can involve insurance claims for things like home insurance or business insurance.

Insurance for Property Damage

Having the right insurance can protect you from property damage liability. These are some important insurance policies to consider:

  • Homeowner’s Insurance: This insurance can help if your property gets damaged by things like fire, theft, or bad weather. It might also cover you if someone gets hurt on your property.
  • Commercial Property Insurance: If you own a business, having this insurance can help protect your property from damage. It can also cover you if someone gets hurt on your property.

How a Property Damage Lawyer Can Help

The attorneys at Flores & Pelaez-Prada specialize in property damage insurance claims. A property damage lawyer is someone who knows a lot about insurance laws and how to handle insurance claims. We can help you in many ways:

  • Assessing Your Claim: A lawyer will look at your insurance policy and figure out how much money you should ask for.
  • Negotiating with the Insurance Company: Lawyers can talk to the insurance company and try to get them to pay you a fair amount of money.
  • Going to Court: If the insurance company won’t agree to a fair settlement, a lawyer can help you take them to court.

Property damage liability can be complicated, especially when dealing with insurance companies. It’s important to know your rights, have the right insurance coverage, and understand how to make a claim.

If you’re dealing with a denied or underpaid insurance claim, you need to call us NOW. Our law firm is available to take calls 24/7, we can be reached at (855)786-7674.