If you have experienced the tragic effects of a fire at your home or other property, you understand how devastating it can be to try and pick up the pieces and start over again. The attorneys of our law firm recognize that this is a traumatic time in your life, and we are here to help you navigate through the often overly complicated process of fire insurance claims.
Some types of damages that you may claim after a fire are as follows:

Dwelling Coverage: This type of coverage assists in paying for the cost associated with repairing your home. In some situations, a lump sum is given minus your homeowner’s insurance deductible, in the event that your home was destroyed by fire. It is important that the coverage you choose matches the value of your home. Fire damage expenses are only covered up to your policy’s specified dwelling coverage limit.

Personal Property Coverage: If your personal belongings inside a home are damaged or destroyed by fire, your personal property coverage will help with the cost of replacing those items. Again, be mindful of your personal property coverage limit as this will be the most money that you will be able to recover according to the terms of your policy.

Loss of Use Coverage: If your home has been completely destroyed by fire and is uninhabitable, loss of use coverage enables you to pay for what is known as additional living expenses. This coverage can be used to pay for the costs of relocating, rental expenses, food, and other basic necessities after a fire.

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What Different Types of Fire Are Covered by Insurance?

In general, your homeowner’s insurance will cover the following types of fire. However, it should be noted that you should be aware of the type of coverage that you have by reviewing your insurance policy.

The most common fires that are usually covered include candle fires, grease fires, and electrical fires. Your homeowner’s insurance most likely does cover accidental fires, but again it is crucial that you are familiar with your policy and understand the terms that are outlined.

What Types of Fire Are Not Covered by Insurance?

If the insurance company suspects that you purposely set a fire, or that the fire was committed by an act of arson by an individual acting on your behalf, you will not be able to recover any damages or compensation until an investigation can be completed. If it is determined that the fire was set on purpose by you, then your claim will be denied.

Should I Hire an Attorney to Help Me With My Fire Damage Claim in Texas?

Commonly, insurance claims in and of themselves can be extremely complicated and difficult to manage on your own. The attorneys at our law firm recognize what a difficult and distressing time this can be for you and your family.

Get legal help from a fire damage attorney, we are here to help and will assist you with filing your claim and if it becomes necessary negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf. We are familiar with some of the tactics that insurers use in order to underpay, delay, or even deny your claim. Contact us by calling 855-786-7674 and scheduling a free consultation with a member of our legal team today.