If your property has sustained any damage from a hurricane, there are several steps that you should take in order to mitigate any further damage from occurring as well as have information ready in order to make a claim with your insurance company.

Frequently, many property damage claims end up being denied because the property owner did not take to proper steps necessary to minimize any further damage from occurring. Another common reason that claims are denied is due to it not being turned into the insurance company in a timely manner. With most property claims, there is a time limit involved in regard to the amount of time that is permitted in which to make a claim.

If you need assistance filing a claim or have had a claim denied, you need to assistance of an experienced property damage claim attorney who can explain your rights and how to best proceed with your claim.

What Should I Do to Protect My Property Immediately After a Hurricane in San Antonio?

There are several steps that you need to take to protect your property from further damage so that you do not run the risk of having your claim denied.

Document the damage: After first making sure that it is safe, document the damage that was sustained by taking pictures and/or video. Be sure to compile a complete inventory of any item that was damaged or destroyed. Be certain to begin as soon as possible. Even if the damage changes over time, be sure to document that as well. For example, the structure of your home may have been compromised, and over time, it can begin to fail little by little.

Take photos of all of the damage: Even if the damage seems to be insignificant, be certain to document it for your insurance claim. Also, be sure to take photos and or/video from multiple angles both close up and far away. This can help you avoid the insurance company disputing the extent of the damage that your property actually received. If you are taking pictures or videos in dark areas, make sure that there is ample light when you do so. If the power is still out due to the hurricane, do your documenting during daylight hours when the sun can act as a natural light source.

Should I Make Any Repairs After a Hurricane Damages My Property in Texas?

In order to minimize any further damage that could potentially occur, it is permissible to make minimal repairs to your property. These repairs should be conducted keeping in mind that they are only temporary and meant to prevent possible future damage from occurring.

It is important that you document all of the money that you spend by keeping all of the receipts for materials that you purchase to make the repairs. After you have made the temporary repairs, be certain to take more photos and/or video for evidence that you can present to the insurance company.

It is important that you do not make any permanent repairs until you have spoken with your insurance company in regard to your claim.

Should I Hire a Texas Attorney to Help Me With my Hurricane Property Damage Claim?

Repeatedly when widespread natural disasters such as hurricanes occur, the insurance companies begin to look for ways that they may undervalue the amount of a claim or even deny claims in order to save the company money. This is due to the large number of claims that they are receiving.

If your property has been damaged you need a Texas hurricane lawyer to represent you. The attorneys at our law firm have vast experience in dealing with hurricane damage claims and will fight for you to receive fair and adequate compensation. Call our law offices today at (855) 768-7674 and schedule a free case review. We look forward to serving you.